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On Saturday, Larry took a couple of hours to begin building some tracking software with me that I could use to measure the magnetic force on my emulsions. While I could do it by hand, the truth is that it takes forever, and as I showed yesterday, it is tedious and prone to inaccuracies, so Larry started helping me create something that is more usable. Unfortunately, I don't really know LabVIEW yet, and it is something that I would like to learn how to use, so I am spending the day going through some tutorials that came with the software, and hopefully, I will be able to build up my own software that does everything I need.

I went through a couple of different VI's. The first two were just displaying and altering different signals, mostly sine and sawtooth waves. And I worked on a third that mixed two different signals and then allowed you to analyze them. LabVIEW is a little different from other programs that I've used, mostly MATLAB and Maple, but it is interesting and appears like it will lead somewhere interesting.

Useful Notes

  • Time Delay Inserting it into the while loop will cause the loop to execute after the time indicated. For example, if you put in a time delay of 0.25 seconds, it will execute four times a second.
  • True-False Control Putting an enable control as an input will control whether or not the process below it will execute or not. You can turn on and off different graphs this way by inserting a switch on it.