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Updating Notebook and Thoughts

Last Wednesday, and this Wednesday, I was able to collect images for films of water droplets floating in oil under the force of ferritin's attraction to a magnet. Last weeks results were interesting, and it appeared that I had in fact directly influenced their motion, but this week, I was unable to reproduce the results. Yesterday, I finished compiling and editing the videos I made, and I am posting them and discussing them today. I will keep my comments on the data in the days that I gathered it, that way it is easier to find. I am also running around and trying to figure out what I could have done wrong, and look into some issues that I want to touch on while I have the time. I am hoping to post a mindmap of what I have come up with.

Treasure Trove

So that I don't forget, I need to check out Encyclopedia of Emulsion Technology by Paul Becher when I get a chance to run to the science library. I've been reading through what I can on Google books, here's a link. It appears the book has all the answers to some questions that I've been throwing around, but haven't worked through yet or found sources to clear up and answer for me. Library call number: TP156 E6 E62 1983. Library is open noon to six tomorrow afternoon.


Here is the mindmap that I created today with my ideas: <html> <iframe id='xmindshare_embedviewer' src='' width='900px' height='300px' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe> </html>