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Magnetic Needle Modeling

I'm hoping to create a model of either a needle or a wire today that will show what will occur if I place a magnetized piece of metal into a flow cell, or tube of ferritin solution. Hopefully next week I will be able to put a magnetized needle or wire into flow cell and see if I can attract ferritin to it. If I can, this might be a complete step up from mounting a gigantic magnetic yoke onto the microscope stage, and will give me finer control over the ferritin. I also want to see if anyone has any neodymium magnets that are in this size range.

Useful links or notes for today:

Magnet Br (T) Hci (kA/m) (BH)max (kJ/m3) Tc (°C)
Nd2Fe14B (sintered) 1.0–1.4 750–2000 200–440 310–400
Nd2Fe14B (bonded) 0.6–0.7 600–1200 60–100 310–400
SmCo5 (sintered) 0.8–1.1 600–2000 120–200 720
Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)7 (sintered) 0.9–1.15 450–1300 150–240 800
Alnico (sintered) 0.6–1.4 275 10–88 700–860
Sr-ferrite (sintered) 0.2–0.4 100–300 10–40 450

Here is the link for the page I took this from. I managed to create the models, and I will analyze them on Monday.