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The Other Magnet

In the original CINT proposal, the one that has been giving my project its general trajectory, Gary Gorbsky outlined the design for a second magnet that could be used for this project. For most of the semester, I have been focusing on the large magnetic yoke that I made. I already know that this one works and can move ferritin, but I'm starting to approach the stage where I want to mount the magnet on a microscope stage. The issue with this is that the large yoke will be bothersome. So I am going to look at the second magnet set up today.

Gary's second magnet is not as large, and only has to be on one side of the cell or sample. He starts off with a conical magnet, he favors an electromagnet, that is magnetized so that the tip has some polarization. Then he flanks the magnet with two other magnets, so that their polarization is different, and this creates a field gradient between the conical and bar magnets. Today, I am going to make simulations for both an electromagnet and a permanent magnet. I also created a simple mock up of this, and if I have time, I'll try running it on a flow cell.

Flow Cell

I created a flow cell containing the 1:10 ferritin dilution in DI water, and placed it coverslip down on the magnet. After letting it rest an hour, there was a slight development of ferritin in the flow cell. For whatever reason, this developed nearest to one of the cylindrical magnets, and not the central cone magnet. It was crescent shape, so that it would stick out like horns away from the cylinder, and I was unable to move it or concentrate it with either the new set up, or the magnetic yoke that I have. Unfortunately, I broke the flow cell when the two magnet set ups came too close to each other, and I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try it again.

I've also been working on the models of this type of magnetic horseshoe (?), but I don't yet have enough material to post in my notebook, and I hope to finish tomorrow morning.