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Moving Forward

Here is a list of different ideas I am going to pursue through the end of the semester.

  • calculate force on single ferritin w/ magnetization
  • conjugating ferritin to quantum dots
  • fluorescent ferritin
  • other types
  • double check the "broken" yoke
  • George Church
  • Jeromy Edwards
  • "salad dressing"
  • Search through the literature
  • resistance and current on electromagnet
  • quantum dots: magnetic?
  • liposome

Fluorescent Ferritin

I was able to find a paper about fluorescent labeled ferritin. Here is link on ScienceDirect.

Some things that I learned:

  • Ferritin has lysine and cysteine residues on the external surface that can be used for tags. The authors used the lysine to attache fluorophores.
  • Adding the fluorophores increases the water solubility of the protein.
    • Steve Koch 18:30, 22 April 2010 (EDT): Good find on this article! I, too, thought they claimed fluorophore increased water solubility, which seemed weird to me. Then upon reading the introduction, I think they mean that ferritin makes the iron oxide more soluble than just plain iron oxide. That would make sense, since ferritin is supposed to be a soluble protein, and lysine residues help with solubility.
  • They mentioned something called a magnetometer with a SQUID sensor that I want to look up.
  • The iron core was not altered by labeling the ferritin.