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Follow Up on Preliminary Results

I'm going through and repeating the experiments from Friday. My goals for today are:

  • create better flow cells
  • repeat Friday's results
  • take better pictures with the better flow cells
  • film the movement of the blotches.

While the flow cells from last week are still working, they could be a little better. They are both a little dirty, and in one of them, the dot of the ferritin is so small as to be noneffective as an example. To this end, I created two new flow cells today, taking special care to keep them clean and clear as possible. One flow cell is the 1:10 dilution of ferritin in water, and the other is drawn from my stock solution of ferritin. The advantage of doing the stock solution of ferritin is that has a higher concentration of ferritin, and is darker as a result. However, it is possible that there is a greater force on the ferritin when they are in a group than when they are spreed out individually. Which would make moving the blotch easier. From the behavior of the slides today, I should be able to determine if that actually is an issue.

To prepare the flow cells, I am leaving them in the magnetic yoke for an hour to develop a significant blotch of ferritin than I can manipulate.


I got some interesting results today, and it is giving me a moment to go back and make sure I know everything that is going on. It started with the second set of slides that I put together for today. The first flow cell that I placed in the yoke to develop a spot of ferritin was the one with the stock solution. After an hour it didn't have a spot, so I put in the second one, which had the 1:10 dilution of ferritin. After an hour, this one didn't develop a spot. But a blueish clouding had developed near the nail polish. When we examined it under the microscope, there was more ferritin (which looked like little clumps of dark circles) away from the center of the slide than towards the center of the slide. A third flow cell also developed this clouding. When I examined the flow cell containing the stock solution of the ferritin, I could not see any ferritin in solution.

All of the 1:10 flow cells had some clouding, however the stock solution flow cell had no clouding from what I could tell.