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Clever Title

I'm going through some old papers, and stuff like that to collect a bunch of different information into one place. This is mostly for my own reference for further down the road.

Size and Shape of Ferritin

According to the Meldrum and Heywood paper, "Magnetoferritin: In Vitro Synthesis of a Novel Magnetic Protein" PubMed page the size and shape of the iron cores of ferritin vary in size and morphology, but the core is spherical, and ~6nm in diameter. However, the Quintana paper PubMed page states that the average size of the cores is 5nm for horse spleen, and 6nm for human liver. Between these two, if it comes up, assuming an average size between 5 and 6 nm is reasonable, with the shape being spherical.

Chemical Constitution

In the Quintana paper, they indicate that there are three main structures of iron storage in ferritin. They are, ferrihydrite, a Magnetite like phase, and Hematite. There are also "minor phases" and a fcc, face centered cubic, sturcture that wasn't identified. The ferrihydrite was identified as the hexagonal phase. Out of 101 samples of horse spleen ferritin, and human liver ferritin, 53 were ferrihydrite, and 30 were the magnetite phase. For refference:

  • Hexagonal Ferrihydrite: 5Fe2O3•9H2O
  • Magnetite: Fe3O4
  • Hematite: Fe2O3


I am working on FEMM right now, going through the manual, and playing directly with the program. These are my notes of anything interesting that happens.