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Gel For Double Stranded PCR

I am running a gel of the PCR from yesterday. Each of the wells contains 15 μL of the PCR product, and 3 μL of the 6X dye. I only have time to run the "A" samples today, I will run the "B" samples on Monday. The lanes, going from left to right, are:

  1. Ladder
  2. 1A: pRL574-F853-dig/pRL574-R5263-bio
  3. 2A: pRL574-F853-dig/pRL574-R2044-bio
  4. 3A: pRL574-F853-dig/pRL574-R2008-bio
  5. 4A: pRL574-F834-dig/pRL574-R5263-bio
  6. 5A: pRL574-F834-dig/pRL574-R2044-bio
  7. 6A: pRL574-F834-dig/pRL574-R2008-bio

Double Stranded Gel A.JPG

As you can see lanes 4,6 and 7 developed the best indicating that samples 3A, 5A, and 6A were the most successful in this batch. To a lesser extent, lane 3 developed indicating that sample 2A was successful also. Because lanes 2 and 5, samples 1A and 4A respectively, did not develop, it could suggest that the pRL574-R5263-bio primer, which was shared by both samples, is not functioning. While this is likely, I have to wait until I develop the gel for the B samples after the weekend to make a comparison.