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Gel Results

Capture 00035 1.jpg

It worked!

So here is the gel of yesterday's PCR, and luckily three out of the nine samples successfully went through the reaction. There were nine different samples in this PCR that had varying concentrations of Mg2+ cations. The range for these samples was from 1.0 mM to 5.0 mM in incriminates of 0.5 mM. The samples are arranged in increasing concentration of Mg2+ going from left to right. With the exception of the concentration of the magnesium cations, all other chemicals, like the DNA, primers etc. were are held constant across the nine tubes.

As the picture shows, three concentrations gave successful PCR. Going from left to right, the successful lanes are:

  • 1.0 mM Mg2+
  • 1.5 mM Mg2+
  • 4.5 mM Mg2+

The other lanes failed to develop, which could be the result of the programming error from yesterday. Because the successful lanes have a single sharp band, this indicates that the primers did not anneal to random spots on the DNA, but instead to specific spots. This is a good thing in that the primers will give us the portions of DNA that we specifically need.