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Wiki Pages

I'm updating some of the wiki pages. The protocols page for the autoclave that I put together is going to be updated again. The idea is that if someone comes in with no idea what is going on, they could autoclave stuff for us if we ask. The current one is just a list of steps of one thing after another, with my comments thrown in. This works if you can follow a series of instructions, but it leaves a lot to be desired. The newly updated one is going to include pictures of everything, at every step, so that no one can mess it up. Ideally it should look something like this.

I am also going to update the laser safety page with what I read over the weekend. At least for now, it seams like the private wiki has everything that we need, and even a little more updated. The book does go into greater detail.

So I was wondering, should the wiki page be long or short? If it is too long, I imagine that whoever is going over it would be bored towards the end and not pay attention. However, if it is too short we could leave things out that might be useful. Between the book and other websites I could make it as long or short as necessary. So is it more important to go over a few key things on the page to serve as a reminder and refresher, or as a whole series of steps that serve as laser safety and training? Should we have the base page covering the basics and essentials with a couple of side pages that elaborate on everything? I think that might be the best option.