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Pipette Video

Andy came up with the idea of creating a video demonstrating how to properly use the calibrated pipettes that we have in the lab. We came up with some clear points that we want to emphasize in the video:

  • How to adjust the volume
    • Do not exceed the range
  • Placing a pipette tip on
  • Steadying hand before using the pipette
  • Drawing up the liquid
    • Placing the very tip into the liquid
    • Not drawing up air
    • Drawing up slowly and not releasing quickly (leads to contamination)
  • Pushing all the way down on the plunger to dispense sample
    • Place tip in the sample for the very small centrifuge tubes to prevent a drop
  • Throw out the tip

Before I create one I wanted to check to see if there was one that demonstrate all of the key points we touched on. So far I've found a couple of videos on YouTube that do this, but not all cover the same points that we want. I found a couple so far that could be useful. One from the University of Bath. Another from a university in Alberta and another from the University of Leicester. The two from the English schools are both well done, while the one from NAIT has audio that is a little off. I like the one from the University of Leicester the most. It covers almost everything that we want to cover, is very well put together, but they make several references to parts of their particular pipettes that are a little different from ours. However, they do cover multiple things that could go wrong while using a pipette, or that could be considered improper technique. Out of all of the videos, this one is the highest quality. I will keep searching, but I will probably end up making one myself.

Steve Koch 12:01, 23 September 2009 (EDT): I've only looked at the first half of your Leicester one so far. I agree it's good, but does miss some points, such as "do you set the volume from above or below?" I'm worried that it'd be a ton of work to make a video that good, though. Maybe there's a clever way of leveraging their work? For example, you could make that video a lot better just by adding text information. Also, breaking that video up into short sequences would be better (How to set the volume; how to dispense; etc.). Or, you could just try to do it eppendorf style. :)
Steve Koch 12:01, 23 September 2009 (EDT): One idea that occurred to me: you could splice in actual pictures of the instruction manual. It'd been a few years since I've read the manual, and I learned or "re-learned" a few things even yesterday, such as the difference between pre-wetting tips. Having pictures from the manual would reinforce to the viewer how important that is for this device. It should be the 2nd or 3rd step. First or second have someone show you how to use it. Second or first, watch the Josey video. 3rd, read the manual.