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BNC Cables and Zwitterions

Most of the day was spent making BNC cables and checking a program for errors. The steps to make a BNC are:

  1. Cut the length of cable needed.
  2. Place the end of the cable up against the wire strippers, and rotate the stripper four times.
  3. Expose the central conducting wire. Then expose the dielectric insulation, removing any straggling wires with a dike.
  4. Slide the strain suppressor and the short metal cylinder from the BNC connector kit on. Spread out the wires.
  5. Slide the small metal prong onto the inner conductor wire, cutting off any strands that get in the way. Clamp it tightly on.
  6. Slide the large metal piece on, and wrap all of the strands around it.
  7. Pull up the metal piece around the wire strands. Clamp it into place tightly and pull up the strain reliever, covering the connection between the cable and connector.
  8. Check that a current can pass along the inner wire (prongs) and the out wires (surrounding casing). Ensure that no current can get between the prong and outer casing on either end. If a current can pass between a prong and the casing, that means that the connection is faulty and needs to be made again, or the cable will short circuit.

Andy also pointed me in the direction of zwitterions. Which are compounds that have no net charge but have partial charges on different nonadjacent atoms. I've seen these before in organic chemistry, but they were not introduced as being zwitterionic. He asked me to find some zwitterionic lipids and micelles. After a fairly unfruitful search, I could only find two lipids, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine, and one micelle, zwittergent 3-14.

TheLarry 23:38, 3 September 2009 (EDT): Nice job. I have only recently heard of these zwitterions. I heard it in Evans class, but i thought they had such a stupid name there was no way they were real.