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How to Make a Gel

Anthony showed me how to make a gel today, at least the steps that we could fit in before I leave for class. The steps are:

  • Take either the TAE or TBE buffer, which is already at a 10% concentration in water and make a 50 mL 1% solution. (10mL of the buffer plus 40mL of water)
  • Add 1%, 0.5g, of agrose to the solution and weigh this solution.
  • Heat in the microwave, with cap loose, for a minute or until the agrose completely dissolves.
  • Replace missing water.
  • Pour into the mold with the purple mold piece, missed the name, and let it sit until it hardens, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

I had to leave for class after these steps, so I will come back and fill the rest of the steps when I get a chance.

Note: the glass will be hot when you get it out of the microwave, so use the glove to hold it and pour it over.