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Cell Passaging Procedure

This is the Procedure:



  1. Make sure to keep arms and hands from going above the culture, to prevent contamination.
  2. Wash the interior of the hood with ethanol before beginning and protocol.
  3. When using the vacuum tube, place a pipette tip on the end before using to allow easier suction.
  4. When moving cells, make sure to keep the container steady, to prevent the cells from dislodging.
  5. Wash vacuum tube with bleach after completing protocol.
  6. Wash the media container and any other materials with ethanol prior to opening/using in the hood.
  7. Keep anything not in immediate use towards the back of the hood to prevent tipping/hitting anything.
  8. If the I am the last one to use the hood, turn off the vacuum with the switch outside the lab.
  9. Try to prevent the air inflow by blocking the vents.
  10. Limit the amount of times you need to remove arms/hands from inside the hood, to prevent contamination.