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Microfluidics Facility Adventures

Materials to Bring

  • Wafers
  • Masks
  • Photoresist if its not already there
  • Developer
  • A positive outlook on life

Things to check when you get there

  • There is isopropanol
  • There is Acetone
  • The waste isn't full

Safety Things

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Booties
  • Lab coat
  • Hairnet
  • Dispose of things correctly in the right containers
  • Check the hood is working

General Protocol


  1. Check everything is working in the vacuum chuck with random wafer
    1. Turn on vacuum
    2. Aluminum foil everything
  2. Put on wafer, pour on photoresist
  3. Check spin parameters
    • Today I did 500 rpm, ramp of 5, dwell of 10 then 1900 rpm, ramp of 5, dwell of 30.
    • Next time should go longer on the 1900 rpm spin to get the resist more even, though 1900 is pretty good rpm, maybe even a little slower like 1800 since I got around 42 μm today.

Soft Bake

  1. 3 mins 65°C
  2. 5 mins 95°C
  3. Follow the data sheet directions

Masks and UV

  1. Glass plate with mask inkside facing down to the wafer
  2. Turn on vacuum, flip the switch on the left on the table that engages vacuum
  3. Adjust Z-direction so that it is touching
  4. Set exposure
    • Used 25 seconds today seemed to work fine
  1. Press the rotate button thingy on the right

Hard Bake

  1. 3 mins 65°C
  2. 8 mins 95°C
  3. Follow the data sheet directions


  1. Developer
  2. Air-dry
  3. Don't isopropanol wash

Hard Bake

  1. 30 mins at 160 °C

Check height

  1. Use machine
  2. Remember to move up z before resetting it

Clean everything