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Ensuring everything still works

  • Ran wild type with tyrosine on the whole time in order to test imaging and also to check that tho new ConA was sticky enough.
  • OD at 0.243
  • Also the scope stage was acting funny so I fixed it using the the instructions on the desktop. (Note, need to select the right NIS file which is located in the update folder of NIS install files folder)
  • Additionally, I ran GAP1 in a step shock along side WT, just not imaging it the whole time and it also induced, so it looks like it was the cells last time that were not working


  • Everything looks like it works, imaging had no issues and ConA looked great and the WT induced fine.
  • GAP1 also induced with no problems

Rhodamine Imaging

  • 10 second switch, 1.5 second imaging
  • 30 second switch, 5 second imaging
  • 60 second switch, 5 second imaging
  • 300 second switch, 30 second imaging

File Directory

  • McCleanLabShare/Bohao Liu/Aro data/2013_10_29