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  1. Work on Disc Diffusion Antibacterial Procedure and Prepare Reagents
  2. UV Vis on 02/24/16 Nanoparticle Reactions


  1. Ocean Optics UV Vis was used to record UVVIS Spectra of Casein AgNPs. The other machine broke and is unusable.
    1. Integration time= 10ms and Average =100.
    2. A water blank in the same quartz cuvette was subtracted from the spectra before running any samples.


Materials for Agar Disc Diffusion

  1. Mueller Hinton Agar

-Dissolved Agar packet in 1L of water over hot plate -Autoclaved on wet cycle

    1. Whatman Membrane Filter Paper

-autoclaved in dry cycle

      1. Protein-Nanoparticle samples and Ampicillin Control Dilutions

AMP Table

Concentration (mg/L) Concentration (ug/uL) Volume (ul) Mass (ug)
4 0.004 25 0.1
8 0.008 25 0.2
16 0.016 25 0.4
32 0.032 25 0.8
64 0.064 25 1.6

Example Nanoparticle Sample Dilutions

Concentration (x)

  1. Reaction mix data can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data

Due to time constraints, the actual diffusion assay was not performed this day