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  1. Set up 20ml AgNP and AuNP reactions for Casein, Soy, Whey, Rice, and Pea
  2. Run UV Vis for 02/24/16 reaction


  1. Used same nutritional proteins on 02/02/16
  2. Protein and gold stocks prepared fresh every day
  3. Ocean Optics UV Vis was used to record UVVIS Spectra of Casein AgNPs. The other machine broke and is unusable.
    1. Integration time= 10ms and Average =100.
    2. A water blank in the same quartz cuvette was subtracted from the spectra before running any samples.


  1. Prepare 20ml reaction to synthesize large quantities of reactions known to work (see link below for specifics on reaction mix)
      1. Note that spectra of reaction mixes before reacting were taken

  1. Reaction mix and measurement data can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data

and the reaction itself was run on 02/24/16, the reaction mix planning and UV Vis from 02/17/16 was performed on the 02/23/16


  1. Color change notes and UV-VIs information can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data
  1. Whey and Soy were in neutral reaction, Pea, Casein and Rice protein were basic - all experience color change (silver=yellow, red/purple = gold)