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UV-Vis and Fluorescence Tutorial

NOTE: AuNP fiber formation from last week failed. Dr. Hartings suggests that possibly hydrophobicity of eppendorf reaction tubes may have deterred fiber formation.

Procedures for UV-Vis Kinetics Measurements can be found on Dr. Hartings' OWW notebook for this date.

1) Dilute Stock Lysozyme Solution in HPLC Water from 21.4uM to 10.7uM in total volume of 3ml

  1. Added 3mL stock solution to 3mL HPLC grade water using 1mL pipette to achieve 6mL of a 10.7uM Lysozyme solution

2) Run sample for fluorescence

  1. Fluorescence sample was prepared by adding 3ml of the diluted lysozyme stock solution (10.7uM) to a cuvette.
  1. Below is a calibration curve showing the each group's absorbance reading at 280nm for each group's specific concentration of lysozyme sample. Following this graph, and using Beer's law of A=Ebc, the slope of 0.0286Lumol-1cm-1. is the molar absorptivity as b=1cm.

ClassData 09.08.15.lysozyme UV-VIS JNB.png

Matt Hartings What is the class data for the UV Vis? How did you make your sample?