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AuNP Lysozyme Fiber Preparation

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The objective is to use previously prepared stock solutions to generate AuNP fibers (AU: Lysozyme ratio = 45) for further experiments with lysozyme.


Two sets of AuNP fiber reaction mixes were set up, one with mL samples and the second with 5mL samples. Below are the contents and volumes of each reaction mix with 16x1mL samples and 10x5mL samples. All reaction mixes were prepared at room temperature with stock solutions prepared by Dr. Hartings previously the same day (09/02/2015). Samples were covered in aluminum foil then heated in oven by Dr. Hartings for 4 hours at 80˚C. The reaction cycle also included 30 minutes to heat from room temperature to 80˚C and 30 minutes to return to room temperature before and after the 4 hour reaction. This is the first attempt at AuNP synthesis in 5mL reaction mix volumes.

NOTE: Determine fate of samples after reaction.

Note: The final concentration of gold should be 0.25 mM and the final concentration of lysozyme should be 5.556 μM. This gives a Au:lysozyme ratio of 45, which should yield fibers.

  1. 1 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 84.4 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 259 μL
    3. Volume of water: 656 μL
  1. 5 mL samples
    1. Volume of gold stock: 422 μL
    2. Volume of protein stock: 1,297 μL
    3. Volume of water: 3,281 μL


None of the reaction tubes (1ml and 5ml) produced fibers, however it is probable that they produced AuNPs as the reaction solution underwent the typical color change from gold to purple. No visible fibers or any material sticking to sides of tubes. Thus, reactions will be retried next session.

Matt Hartings What were the results of your syntheses?