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  • Measure the mean residue liquid in the fiber sample
    • 115 μL, 175 μL and 340 μL for a mean of 210 μL
  • Measure the absorbance of the different protease concentrations used
    • 250 μL samples of protease solutions in Tris/CaCl2 buffer at 1 nM, 10 nM, 100 nM, and 1 μM
    • Add 200 mL of 1:4 (Bradford:Buffer) Bradford + 550 mL of additional Tris/CaCl2 b
  • 10 nM Chymotrypsin kinetics
    • 104.1 µL of the dilute chymotrypsin stock was diluted + 2.896 mL of buffer --> 10 nM
    • OceanOptics (used same protocol as previous kinetics runs)


  • Protease Bradford results

Control Proteinase K Bradford Absorbance.png

Control Trypsin Bradford Absorbance.png

Control Chymotrypsin Bradford Absorbance.png

Control Thermolysin Bradford Absorbance.png

  • AuNP Protease Corrected Bradford Spectra
    • Proteinase K

Proteinase K Bradford 1uM Corrected.png

Proteinase K Bradford 100 nM Corrected.png

Proteinase K Bradford 10nM Corrected.png

Proteinase K Bradford 1nM Corrected.png

    • Trypsin

Trypsin Bradford 1uM Corrected.png

Trypsin Bradford 100 nM Corrected.png

Trypsin Bradford 10nM Corrected.png

Trypsin Bradford 1nM Corrected.png

    • Chymotrypsin

Chymotrypsin Bradford 1uM Corrected.png

Chymotrypsin Bradford 100nM Corrected.png

Chymotrypsin Bradford 10nM Corrected.png

Chymotrypsin Bradford 1nM Corrected.png

    • Thermolysin

Thermolysin Bradford 1uM Corrected.png

Thermolysin Bradford 100nM Corrected.png

Thermolysin Bradford 10nM Corrected.png

Thermolysin Bradford 1nM Corrected.png

  • OceanOptics Resultes

10nM Chymotrypsin AbsvsTime Mar18 Chart.png


There was no visible colorimetric change in the solution OceanOptics experiment. Fibers were still present at the end of the allotted reaction time.