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  • spectra of [HAuCl4]Lysozime solution at 70°C
    • Kinetics of Au:Lysozyme
      • Heated a 150 mL beaker of water to 70ºC
      • Made a 10mL solution of 250μM lysozime, because the protein solution had deteriorated. (0.0358g in 10 ml solution with water)
      • Transferred 0.5 mL 2.5×10mM HAuCl4, 167.5μL of the lysozime solution and 4.33 mL of water into 5 culture tube.
      • Covered test tubes with foil and placed all 5 test tubes in hot water beaker.
      • UV-Vis recorded from 800 nm to 360 nm until no more sample solution remained.
  • measure the fluorescence of tyrosine and histidine


  • mass of lysozyme for the 250 μM solution. (2.5×10-4M)(0.010 L)(14,300 g/mol)=0.0358 g


  • Obtained spectra at time-points 0, 30, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160 min