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Name: Bronwen Dekker

Affiliation: Nature Protocols

I blog at: Bronwen's Work Blog and (more) normal blog though the latter seems to be dying a slow and silent death.

I am here because I have a professional interest in publishing protocols and a continued personal interest in being an active member of the scientific community. Hopefully I will have something useful to contribute!

Brief CV: MSc Natural Product Chemistry (hacked up and extracted plants, lots of column chromatography, tlc and nmr); worked as a Forensic Analyst (extracted post-mortem (and ante-mortem - use your imagination) samples, lots of GC/MS); PhD Mostly Biochemistry (radiolabelling with iodine isotopes, lots of ELISAs, PET imaging); Postdoc Radiochemistry (lots of peptide labeling with indium-111 and HPLC); Associate Editor Nature Protocols (thats where I am now!)