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/* {{TOCright}}
==Randall Bart's Fiddle Edit Tab js==
 by Randall Bart [[User:Barticus88]]
 version 1.0 GPL GFDL January 2007
 This script changes the the text of the "edit this page" tab, and/or
 add edit top section to the same tab.
 Use:  In [[special:mypage/monobook.js]], import this script and set either
 or both of these:
     editThisPageTabText = 'Edit';
     editTopSectionTabText = 'T';
 addOnloadHook( function (){
     if( !(ed_btn = document.getElementById('ca-edit')) ) return false;
     anchor = ed_btn.getElementsByTagName( 'a' );
     if( getValueOf('editThisPageTabText') )
         anchor[0].innerHTML = editThisPageTabText;
     if( getValueOf('editTopSectionTabText') ) {
         ed_btn.innerHTML += ed_btn.innerHTML;       //double the button
         anchor[1].innerHTML = editTopSectionTabText;
         anchor[1].href     += '&section=0';