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I want to control the translators for our diving board with a joystick. This is a dream of mine. We currently have some actuators and the stages, we just need a joystick and some software. Time to compile a project page.


These are the actuators that we have right now. Koch doesn't like them because they are really hard to control manually. I like them because we don't need to worry about manual control. I think I softened him up to the idea of joystick control to the point that if I do everything and keep it low cost, he has no choice but to accept my proposal (because it will already be implemented).

Link to their manual. It has useful things like links to their control software and such.

  • Pranav Rathi 18:25, 28 April 2010 (EDT): Hey I will help you with this, once our OT is working.



Before developing my own, I will look into getting something that is already out there. Here is a great start.