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Wasted Day

A good portion of my day was wasted when I had to take care of my insurance this morning. I went to my insurance agent and they weren't around. Online said the office opened at 830 and the office door said it opened at 9, but neither time was the office open. I then decided State farm had it and changed insurance consuming more time. I spent what little time I had left of the morning contacting JoVE asking about their policies. Got some decent information. I went to the gym and returned to finish the movie I had made. I didn't publish it because of possibilities publishing with JoVE and I am waiting Koch's return email to finish discussion with him. I also precleaned some slides and coverglass so I could tether/power spectrum tomorrow. I find that I can't really do more than 6 of each easily. I would say 5 of each is feasible, 4 is easy, but 6 is the limit. Anyways I have precleaned stuff now and will practice power analysis tomorrow morning.