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Now that I am back from NY (which was a great trip), I need to get on the horse and get things done. I have until the middle of Feb to try and get preliminary unzipping of Shotgun Clones. I have to start with preliminary unzipping of tetherable pBR322. I need a list of things that I can work on imminently, and a meeting with Koch.

  1. Meet with Koch to discuss list
  2. Tether pBR322 fragments
    1. Make new anti-dig aliqots (probably need to buy more soon)
    2. Good sonication of beads
  3. Go to Osley Lab and get shotgun fragments
  4. SapCap shotgun fragments
  5. Ligate shotgun fragments to tethering construct
  6. Tether the bitches

Also I will have to do some work on the tweezers

  1. Get familiar with tweezers
  2. measure beam width for AOM
  3. try isolator
    • Anthony Salvagno 17:26, 8 December 2009 (EST):We tried this and ended up burning the PBS on the isolator. Guess this isn't an option.
  4. practice unzipping and try for crappy data with jumpy beam
    • Brian is making stretching DNA tethers from his 1.1kb PCR so we will try stretching experiments. I will need Koch to show me how to analyze after trying to unzip. I will also have to relearn how to unzip.