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Yesterday's Gel Analysis

Capture 00019.JPG
Plot of Capture 00019.jpg

As you can see the intensities look linear for lanes 1-4 only problem is the amount of DNA is 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x so I don't know what to make of that. Also it seems that lane e (last lane is as bright as lane 1 but when looking at the gel yesterday that wasn't the case. I think taking the picture kinda fuzzed things. Also the filter gets foggy when a gel is on the transilluminator. All little kinks I need to work out. Anyways that is it.

Today's Gel Analysis

Capture 00020.JPG
As you can see I have another failed reaction. I have no clue what I could be doing wrong, and in this case Koch. Maybe we need new DNA template (ie pRL574), new dilutions of primers, new dNTP's? It can't be the Taq or the MgCl2 because that is all new and in controlled quantities. Fuck this, fuck everything, fuck biology, fuck physics, I'm off to become a homeless entrepreneur (I'm surprised I spelled that right!).