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I came across that very slide on slideshare this morning while trying to embed my talk from last Friday on my talk page. It has opened my eyes to the world of social networking. Now I'm already involved in a ton of stuff, but I wanna know what the future is, and what the future can do for OWW. All I know is I wanna be on the edge, I wanna be the trailblazer. That pdf above (download from the original person, it's got links and everything in the file) is a very creative list of what is out there.

Here is a Start

I've always felt that I can pave the way by changing the way we present data. I feel that there are 2 key areas that can be drastically improved: presentations and papers. The presentation I feel can be changed now, just by doing it differently and that is one aspect I will spend my entire graduate career doing. Papers will need to be changed slowly because I feel that it is an uphill battle.