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Didn't have time to write this out yesterday.

What we Did

We aligned the beam expander and the periscope. Some tricks I learned:

  1. Use an Iris on the beam expander, and try and center the beam on a small opening on the iris.
  2. Good luck with the periscope. We did the normal Andy method of using the camera to get a straight line and then moved the entire periscope over to try and get the beam into the objective area.
    • I suggested we use a 1064 mirror placed where an objective would be to reflect the beam back. If it hits the middle of the mirror and reflects back at the same spot as it is going into the objective at, it should be aligned. I think I phrased that poorly, but oh well.

To Do

  1. Align the steering lenses.
  2. Align the QPD
  3. Try and tweeze.
  4. Adjust to get optimization.