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Just Not Enough Time

I have been super busy here in lab and really haven't had time to write anything down. This is especially difficult because I don't do it at home, maybe tonight I will go into more detail though. Anyways here is a sum-up of everything that I have been doing:

  • Went to Osley Lab today to grab unzipping construct. Doug Smith wants to collaborate so I will make him some unzippable DNA for his use. I also will make some for my own.
  • Working with Andy on uniform spin coating of lipids. Pretty fun. We turned our centrifuge into a spin-coater cause it is already broken.
  • Got a lego robot in today, courtesy of Andy. It is awesome and I've got some ideas how to impliment it. It has an ultrasonic sensor which I want to use as either a quick on/off for the unzipping program, or for shutter activation. Also there are some servo motors that will be used to control the shutter. I am also interested in doing the programming to move this thing, which is strange because I've never had the inclination to write a program before.
  • Spent lots of time working on fixing the tweezers and trying to reduce noise.
  • Got majorly side tracked learning about ATP hydrolysis, muscle contraction, trans fats, triglycerides, and more. This I will have to write up at some point.
  • I promise to be a better notebooker from now on. I just need time. I wish I could pay for more hours in a day. I need more time.