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Getting Caught Up

I am quite behind in notebook endeavors. I had done some work at the Osley Lab prior to going to Boston and never wrote up the stuff I did. Apparently it was setting up a ligation reaction, but I don't remember. I have my work written in my notebook 1.0 at KochLab (it is there because that is where I was going to do the writeup). Anyways I'll stay more on top of it. Laziness killed the cat.

I need a name for that comic series I am starting (you can follow it on my personal blog). On the flight back from Boston I came up with a few possible names:

  • Quips
  • Quipped
  • By Anthony
  • Quickies
  • One and Done
  • Randomly Grad Comics

I like "Quipped" and "One and Done."

I also need to write more OT stuff on here. On Sat Larry, Andy, and I came in to work on how to go about the nearest neighbor interactions. We were working it out using Matrix Mechanics, but decided we might not going about it the right way. We also figured the numbers for the NN for melting might not be applicable since Larry used them and they weren't giving the correct results.

/Transformation of Ligated XhoI fragments + plasmid DNA

I don't know what this is yet, I think it has something to do with inserting my ligation reaction stuff into plasmids for cloning. Anyways, I'm sure my ligations will make some weird robotic noise and then do battle amongst the evil decepticons. Oh wrong kind of transformation.