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Optical tweezers pages

This is where I will list all pages related to our optical tweezers build. Included in this section are links to subcategories related to the optical tweezers. These subcategories list all pages related to that subcategory under the optical tweezers category. The final link is a comprehensive list of all pages related to the optical tweezers build.


Diode laser All pages related to our diode laser.
Beam shaping All pages related to how we decide to shape our diode laser beam.
Spatial filtering All pages related to filtering a diode laser.
Sample translation All pages related to our method of translating our sample.
Condenser & detector stage All pages related to our condenser setup and our detector stage.
Calibration All pages related to calibrating our optical tweezers.
1064 optical tweezers All pages related to the 1064 optical tweezers.

Complete listing

Complete category listing All pages related to our optical tweezers, including all subcategory listings.

DNA unzipping

These pages will talk about modeling and general discussions about unzipping DNA.


Modeling All pages related to modeling DNA unzipping.

Complete listing

Complete DNA unzipping All pages related to DNA unzipping.

Kinesin & Microtubules

These pages will talk about kinesin and microtubules.


Kinesin & Microtubule papers All pages related to any paper I read and review on Kinesin and Microtubules.
Kinesin & Microtubule basics All pages related to Kinesin and Microtubule basics.
Surface passivation All pages related to surface passivation for motility experiments.
Kinesin walking All pages related to simulations for kinesin walking.
Stocks In order to keep up to date with all the stock solutions I make, I will label in my notebook when I make new stock solutions.
Heavy water Everything related to using heavy water in the motility solutions.
Osmolytes Everything related to using osmolytes in the motility solutions.

Complete listing

Complete Kinesin & Microtubule listings All pages related to Kinesin and Microtubules.

Wet lab install

These pages are related to our wet lab install from Kewaunee. Included, are all subcategories and a complete listing.


Correspondences All pages related to correspondences between our lab and Kewaunee.

Complete listing

Complete Wet lab listings All pages related to our wet lab build.

Instruction Pages

Meetings & Questions

Included in this subsection will be summaries of meetings I have with Koch as well as general questions directed to Koch or the other lab members.


Koch meetings All pages related to meetings with Koch about various topics.
Kochlab questions All pages related to Kochlab questions proposed by me to the lab.

Complete listing

Complete Kochlab meetings and questions listings All pages related to Kochlab meetings and questions.


Any pages related to any classes and their associated notes I decide to take.


Ethics course All pages related to an ethics course taken at UNM Fall 2009.
Colloidal Nanoparticles course All pages related to a Colloidal Nanoparticles course taken at UNM Spring 2010.

Sketchup pages