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Glycerol is a form of sugar. It should be stored in its original container and I flush it with nitrogen as well after opening it.

We were previously using Cytoskeleton's tubulin storage buffer that has glycerol in it. Unfortunately, I do not trust what we got from Cytoskeleton because Cytoskeleton is just littered with typos which makes me nervous. From now on, any solutions that need glycerol in it will come from the EMD stock.


See the page for more information.



Some things to note about glycerol is that it is very viscous. Almost to the point where trying to use a pipet tip to get some out is pointless. However, if you are careful, you can get the appropriate amount for the TSB solution.

Adding glycerol to the PEM-G will dilute the PEM-G by 6% v/v. This seems to be okay as I have not had any problems with using this solution and polymerization of microtubules.