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These are my notes. Please read the paper before reading my notes.


The Sialoadhesins--a family of sialic acid-dependent cellular recognition molecules within the immunoglobulin superfamily.


  • Sialic acids contribulte to cell surface diversity.
    • There are many modifications to the sialic acid that we know of.
    • Common mamalian sialic acids include:
      • Neu5Ac
      • Neu5,8Ac2
      • Neu5Gc
    • They appear at terminal positions on sugars like:
      • Gal
      • GalNAc
      • GlcNAc
    • They can be at the ends of glycoproteins and glycolipids as well.
  • Selectins adhere to sialic acid residues.
    • They recognize amino acid sequences
    • Typically they are transmembrane proteins.
    • Kinectin is an example of a selectin.
  • Sialoadhesion could be used to block sialic acid residues on casein.
  • The article is about a familiy of proteins that recognize and attach to sialic acids.