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This is a sugar and has the consistency of powdered sugar. Nothing special here except that it should be stored in its original container at room temperature. It is hygroscopic and the stuff we have is anhydrous (without water) but I think that it has been opened for long enough for the stuff in the bottle to be full of water now. Oh well. This is where proper storage in a desiccated environment would be best. And, buying an appropriate volume of stock chemicals is a much better idea.



Yes. You want to make a 2 M solution of glucose. This will be a lot of sugar to put into a very small volume of liquid. This is where you need to take into consideration the volume of the solute you are putting in a solution. If you measure out the total volume of liquid you want to make a 2 M solution of glucose and just add the glucose to it, you will end up with a solution that is a larger volume than you wanted.

To prevent this from happening, weigh out the glucose and add it to a smaller volume of liquid than you want. Vortex it so that a considerable portion of the glucose goes into solution and then add more fluid. Vortex and add more liquid until you get to your final volume.