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These are my notes on the paper. Please read the paper before reading my notes.


Velocity modulation of microtubules in electric fields.


  • This paper talks about changing the velocity of microtubules using electric fields.
  • Buffer
    • 80 mM PIPES
    • 10 mM ATP
  • They selected only microtubules that are parallel or perpendicular to the electric field within 5˚.
  • They are saying that they show positive voltages (negative fields) assisting the microtubule movement while negative (positive fields) voltages hinder it.
    • This means that this paper's statement that microtubules have an overall negative charge is correct.
  • They got speeds up to 4 µm/s!
  • They state that higher kinesin densities require larger forces, i.e. fields, to stop microtubules.
  • They saw velocity increases in microtubules running perpendicular to the field.
  • ATP concentration didn't have an effect on velocity with applied fields.
  • I'm not sure they took into consideration the flow of ions due to the electric field.