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1. All the bovine casein constituents come in the form of a fibrous powder. I find it best to just use a pair of clean tweezers to pull out some of the casein and place it on a piece of wax paper. This is of course monumentally wrong as you are never supposed to put anything in a the container of a stock chemical. Thankfully due to the nature of the chemical, it's relatively easy to pick up wad of fiber without touching anything in the stock container.   AM AlphaCaseinPrep01.JPG
2. I use the spatula to tear off pieces of the casein to place on the balance. When I have the correct amount weighed out, I then place a beaker on the stir/hot plate with a stir bar in it and add the correct amount of PEM. I then add the casein to the beaker, cover it with some foil and stir (on 7) for approximately 60-80 minutes or until all the casein has gone into solution.   AM AlphaCaseinPrep02.JPG
3. I aliquot the solution into 1 mL vials and store in the 4°C fridge.   AM AlphaCaseinPrep03.JPG

Do not filter solution. This casein solution will last for 6 months in the fridge.