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Separation of Hypothesized Rotomers

Plate from last Thursday was scraped (the lower layer), silica was removed via glass pipette filtration, compound was redissolved in EtOAc and transferred to a TLC plate. The mobile phase was 1:4 EtOAc:Hexane. When the compound separated from the starting line, the mobile phase was switched to 1:6. This was done to separate the two rotomers hypothesized, while still preventing the impurity from the starting line from moving. Contrary to our prediction, only a single band was formed. It was scraped, filtered, run through the MS, and a spectra was obtained. Two compound peaks were produced. Some impurity peaks were shown, but it could've been MS background (the sample I ran was pretty dilute). For next time, run an NMR followed by an MS with a more concentrated sample.