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Purification of Large-Scale Reaction Between CNP & MTT

The procedure for the reaction being discussed can be found here.


  1. The product of the reaction was put on air for the weekend, and today was redissolved in ethyl acetate.
  2. Another dirty column was prepped using the previous procedure, and both an ethyl acetate and a methanol fraction were collected.
  3. Mass spectrometry was used to analyze the products of the purification. The positive scans are shown below (negative showed nothing important):

EtOAc Fraction: File:Awl etoac fraction 100515.pdf

MeOH Fraction: File:Awl meoh fraction 100515.pdf

The EtOAc fraction shows a clear peak at 287 (mass plus H) and 108.8 (mass plus Na). A likely next step is to run a TLC on the compound in an attempt at further purification.