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Ocean Optics, 10nM

AuNP fiber samples were prepared in the following way: 5 1mL fiber samples were obtained, and the supernatant was removed. 0.2mL Tris + CaCl2 buffer was added to all 5 sample tubes. Next, the proteinase-K solution was prepared by adding 1mL Tris + CaCl2 buffer to 0.00154g proteinase-K, resulting in a 0.0000532 M proteinase-K solution. This was then diluted to a concentration of 532nM (0.1mL proteinase-K + 9.9mL buffer). To make the reaction solution 1uM, (532M)*(v) = (10nM)*(3mL) => v = 56.3uL proteinase-K dilution was set aside. The remaining volume needed for the reaction cuvette volume to be 3mL was determined to be 1.94mL. This buffer was added along with the fiber solution, and after the second data keep of the OceanOptics, the proteinase-K was added. This was done for all 5 fiber samples. Original protocol can be found 9/9/15|here.