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Reaction and UV-Vis Kinetic Analysis of Proteinase-K and Gold Nanoparticle Fibers (redo)

Today our group performed a reaction between AuNP fibers and proteinase-K, a protease that has previously degraded the fibers with ease. To our surprise, gold was not visible in solution at the end of the reaction today. Three observations about the solution were made:

  • The fibers that were previously present in solution were no longer present (the protease had done it's job in digesting the protein fibers encasing the gold nanoparticles).
  • The solution was not purple, so the reduced Au3+ was not present in the solution.
  • The solution showed no absorbance in the yellow portion of the visible spectrum, so the gold was not present in its elemental (uncharged) form either.

It is possible that the gold was released, and was able to form gold(III) hydroxide, and was not detected on the absorption spectra. Future experiments are needed to explore this question. The final solution's absorption spectra is shown below:


The procedure for today's experiment can be found here: User:Andrew_W_Long/Notebook/CHEM-671_Research/2015/09/09. The only modification was that Tris buffer was used in place of water in the reaction mixture. Higher concentrations of protein fibers were used as well (5 1mL tubes previously prepared by the EBC class).