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  • Antibacterial Activity
  • Adhesion Test

Antibacterial Activity=

  • set up three agar plates for TiO2-JA-400, and two plates for Epoxy
  • check the cultures in 5 hours.
  • Results
    • Epoxy:11 and 14
    • TiO2:6, 6, 9

Adhesive strength test on epoxy samples

  • Placed weight at a distance of 9.5 cm from adhesion site

In the previous lab session weights were placed at different distances from adhesion site for weights if 1-10 lb. The nail only dislodges at the furthest site (i.e. 9.5 cm away from adhesion site). Nail one broke after applying 8lb.

  • Nail 2: Applied 1,2,3...,9 lb for 2 min each
    • The adhesive broke after 4.85 s with weight of 10 lb.
  • τ=rsinθ
  • τ=(0.095 m)(4.535 kg)(9.8 N/kg)=
  • Nail 3: 1,2,3,4,5,6 lb each for 2 min
    • The adhesive broke after 2.5 s at 7 lb.
  • Nail 4: 1,2,3,4,5 lb each applied for 2 min
    • The adhesive broke after 18 s at 6 lb.