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March 4 - New nail adhesive strength study

Nails ats2.jpg

  • Figure 1. Shows the set up of the modified adhesive strength study. We are hoping that the smaller surface area and longer nail length will lead to usable data.
  • All of the nails are steel, two are cured with epoxy coating, and two are cured with epoxy and TiO2 coating.

Thermal energy study with epoxy and TiO2

Epoxy tio2 tes.jpg

  • Figure 1. Shows the results of the thermal energy study with the dish coated in epoxy with TiO2
  • The average thickness of the epoxy with TiO2 was 2.03mm

Coatings with JA-230

  • Epoxy weight 6.6917g and JA-230 2.1548g
  • Epoxy weight 6.6257g, JA-230 2.2600g and TiO2 0.8656g