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Start an equilibrium experiment involving the clay-polymer beads synthesized a couple weeks ago.


  • 0.1 g of lyophilized dry beads were added to three scintillation vials.
  • To each vial, 10 mL of a Malachite Green solution was added. The 4 different concentrations used were: 2.5 ppm, 8.3 ppm, 84.93 ppm, and 184 ppm
  • These bead samples were then allowed to equilibrate with the surrounding solution for two days.


Starting Masses

  • 184 ppm solution: 0.0999g Beads
  • 84.93 ppm solution: 0.0990g Beads
  • 8.3 ppm solution: 0.1006g Beads
  • 2.5 ppm solution: 0.0994g Beads