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Perform an experiment to determine the kinetics of the absorption of Malachite Green by Activated Carbon.


  1. Preparation of Malachite Green solution by James
    1. .0996 g of MG in 500 mL of water
    2. UV-Vis calculated concentration: 146 ppm
    3. 136.75 mL of 146 ppm in 1000 mL
    4. UV-Vis calculated concentration: 23.3 ppm
  2. Activated Carbon vs. 10mL 23.3 ppm Malachite Green
    1. 10 mL of 23.3 ppm MG are added to .01 g of activated carbon for a certain period of time.
    2. after the period of time has passed, the solution is filtered from the activated carbon using a vacuum filter.
    3. UV-Vis spectra are recorded to calculate the amount of MG absorbed in the given amount of time.
    4. Time intervals: every 15s for the first two minutes, followed by every 30 seconds for the next two minutes, followed by every minute up to 7 minutes
    5. Each time interval was done in a separate scintillation vial because the experiment proceeds too quickly to simply sample a single solution repeatedly.


  • The calculated concentration of the MG used was 20.97 PPM
  • The tables shows the weights of activated carbon for each time period.

AC masses.jpg

  • The graph that follows was created using previously-made calibration curves for the concentration of Malachite Green in solution using UV-Vis Spectrometry:

Activated Carbon Kinetics.png