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  • Measure MG new data through UV-Vis
  • Film Processing
  • Filter stirring clay in centriuge
    • 4000rpm for 30 minutes at 4C for original separation
    • with water then ethanol for 10 minutes
    • repeat for another cycle and dried done by Dr. Hartings
  • Set up PXRD of PVA+Clay films at different concentrations
  1. 1-Clay powder-control
  2. 2-8ppm by Madeleleine
  3. 3-2ppm by
  4. 4-PVA film-control
  5. 5-80ppm by Eleni
  6. 6-200ppm by my group
    1. Instrument Settings
      1. 2o start angle
      2. 40o stop angle
      3. 1o/second scan speed (this seems too fast, will check on this)
      4. 0.5o sampling width


  • Dilutions of MG solutions
    • 200ppm*0.2mL=8ppm*5mL(vial with PVA film)
    • 80ppm*0.5mL=8ppm*5mL(vial with no film)
    • 80ppm*0.2mL=8ppm*2mL(vial with PVA film)


Figure 1. Shows the separation of the clay after the first washing of water. Washing1.png

Figure 2. Shows the dried clay being collected for future testing. Dry.png


Uvavis.png ICE table PVA+control.png