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HgS QDs synthesis using Hot Injection, adapted from Weiss. Take UV-Vis and Fluorescence measurments


  1. I put 5mL of 5mM of HgNO3 and 5mL of 15mg/mL BSA in a 3 neck flask equipped with a stir bar and heat it to 85C for one hour under a vacuum.
  2. Fix pH to 9
  3. The 3 neck has a condenser to vacuum in the middle, a stopper on the right and the left.
  4. After the hour is over, I switch to high positive nitrogen flow for 20 minutes, remove the stopper, and drop the heating mantle so that it isn't touching the flask but loosely surrounds it.
  5. I crank up the mantle so that the internal temp rises, for another 20 minutes.
  6. I replace the open end of the 3 neck with a rubber septa, and let it there for about 30 minutes.
  7. I then lift the heating mantle rapidly to the surface of the flask. It should heat to boiling temp.
  8. Within 5 minutes, 4 mL of 20 mM Na2S injection at boiling temperature.
  9. Place in ice bath immediately.


  1. UV-Vis


  1. Fluorescence