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Start new synthesis using "Hot Injection" technique. The method is extracted from Protein-Directed Synthesis of NIR-Emitting, Tunable HgS Quantum Dots and their Applications in Metal-Ion Sensing by Goswami et al., and of Exciton Confinement in CdSe Quantum Dots by Modification with a Conjugated Dithiocarbamate Ligand by Weiss et al.


  1. In a 3 neck flask equipped with a stir bar
  2. Add 5 mL of 5 m M HgNO3
  3. 5 mL BSA(15 mg/mL) solution
  4. fix pH to 9 using 1 M of NaOH
  5. Stir vigorously and heat it to 100 C under nitrogen for 2 hours hours in a mantle
  6. The 3 neck has a condenser to nitrogen on the left, stoppers in the middle, and on the right.
  7. Use of reflux reaction
  8. After two hours, inject 4 mL of 20 m M sodium sulfide
  9. let cool down
  10. Take UV-Vis and Fluorescence emission measurements


  1. Sonication of the HgNO3 made by James as it precipitated in the bottom of the falcon tube.
    1. 15 mins
    2. water temperature is 29C


  1. UV-Vis


  1. Fluorescence