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The objective for today was to make all stock solutions necessary for the BSA:L-cysteine Nanocrystals


Name Formula FW (g/mol)
Zinc Nitrate, 6-Hydrate Crystal Zn(NO3)2 * 6H2O 297.47
Manganese (II) acetate tetrahydrate (good for 2 weeks) Mn(CH3COO)2 * 4H2O 245.08
Ammonium Acetate NH4(CH3COO) 77.08
Sodium Sulfide nonahydrate(fresh stock) Na2S * 9 H2O 240.18
L-Cysteine (2 weeks) HSCH2CH(NH2)CO2H 121.16
BSA (fresh stock) 66kDa
Ammonium Hydroxide NH4OH 14.8M (6.76uL in 10 mL)

Preparation of Stocks

  1. 5mM Zinc Nitrate
  2. 5.55mM Manganese Acetate
  3. 41.65 mM Ammonium Acetate

  • 0.0066g in 10mL BSA will be made tomorrow